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We welcome Radical Thinkers from across C-suite and Senior Management roles.

The Intelligently Rebellious club is providing a foundation to inspire radical change. We connect business and innovation leaders across varying sectors and industries, to learn, collaborate and inspire change by learning and adapting together at intimate events, innovation sessions and private groups to share breakthroughs, failures, advice and networking opportunities.

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Our mission

To bring together the rebels, change makers, brave and intelligent among us to help drive the change needed to positively disrupt businesses and drive innovation like never before.

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• Priority access to Intelligently Rebellious events

Innovation Therapy sessions

• Exclusive hacks and workshops

• Private Slack channel

Join the rebellion

Register your interest to become a founding member or nominate your business leader to join the Intelligently Rebellious Club.
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“Put it like this... The reason is, we can’t change and adapt fast enough. We have no advantage other than our huge bulk. We can’t do innovation internally at (Company) because as a big business that’s been around for a load of years we can’t move. Not really. When we try, we get vanilla versions – vaguely superficial solutions that don’t really move anything or anyone along. And the way we’re structured – I mean we’re so f*cking stiff and slow with layer after layer of management and processes – we come in 400% over budget, and bogged down by compliance and governance. We have to hack through a f*cking forest of sh*t to even start thinking about the new stuff and how we can use it... Working with you types also brings us credibility, a new way to think, proper commercial innovation – I mean proper stuff we can use. Oh yeah, did I say this? If we didn’t get those people to help they’d break us and f*ck us up anyway. Whether we say it out loud or not we’re all running scared.”
Anonymous, CEO January 2019 (at the open bar of innovation event)