Be More Pirate


“Some risks are worth taking, you need to dare to try new things to reap the rewards”

'Be more pirate', drawing on parallels between the strategy and innovation of legends, like Henry Morgan and Blackbeard with modern rebels, like Elon Musk, Malala and Blockchain. Harri discussed, how even in a strict sector as Finance you need to harness and apply these tactics to life and work today, and tomorrow.

Harri is currently the Head of Digital Marketing at Barclays Private Bank, where he leads a team who manage websites, email, social and search. His previous marketing roles include Southampton Football Club and a betting start up.

Harri joined three other leading speakers on the 27th September, at the first event in the Intelligently Rebellious series - approaching digital in radical new ways.

Other speakers:

The day also included some really cool new tech from our external network of Radical Thinkers (Ultrahaptics and Smilepass), as well as experiencing some exciting experiments we’ve been working on in VR.

A lively debate ended the day, discussing how we can deliver real behavioural change to ensure we drive business value, by utilising new methodologies and emerging technologies.

Due to popular demand, we are already organising our second in the series. This event promises to go deeper, pushing the digital community to work harder; exploring how we can approach digital in radical new ways that drives more value to businesses, people end society. Watch this space and follow us @bigradical to hear more.

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Being part of the Intelligently Rebellious movement, we believe community is important, so much so, we would like to offer you and your team a free Breakthrough Lunchbox workshop to help continue you on this journey.

Breakthrough Lunchbox is a one-hour rapid breakthrough workshop where we apply our methodologies, insight-driven business strategies, leading technology, with human centred design, to start help make sense of your most pressing problems and opportunities, to create more value to your business, people and society.

Judge for yourself. 

Please email Katie Street for more details.