We’re on the hunt for radical thinking leaders

At Big Radical we believe that successful innovation is a culture, a way of thinking and a behaviour. You can’t complete innovation or just ‘do a bit of innovation’ this year.

We often hear leaders in our network comment about how refreshing and rewarding it is working with us to gain perspective and to ‘look up and look forward’.

“Creating a culture of innovation and risk-taking can be a difficult and lonely task. Intelligently Rebellious gives me the chance to let off steam, to share ideas and spend time with like-minded people. It’s an essential part of my working life.“

- Boris Pomroy, Charity CEO

Innovation specialists enjoy the company of other unique characters like them who like to think and behave in different ways.

We believe that people who don’t conform, who actively explore the uncertain and allow risk-taking to unlock opportunity, who avoid creature comforts and think radically make the best innovators.

The people with these behaviours underpinned by a cause are who we call, the Intelligently Rebellious.

Nominate your Intelligent Rebel

They could be a boss, a colleague, a world leader, a scientist, a sports person or someone else in mind who deserves a place in our rebellious hall of fame.

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Intelligently Rebellious is a series designed by Big Radical exclusively for business and innovation leaders to come together to explore and learn how to encourage and breed the unique behaviours that drive rapid business breakthrough. Register for the next Intelligent Rebellious event here.