Time To Change


It’s World Mental Health Day on 10th October and we’re supporting Time to Change, a growing movement that’s changing how we all think and act about mental health.

It’s easy to dismiss mental health problems as something that only affects others, but this can happen to any of us – a friend, member of the family, or work colleague.

Without support from others, people with mental health problems can lose what they care about most. It’s a time when you need your friends, family and colleagues more than ever. So, if someone you know is acting differently, step in.

The Etch Group take mental health seriously and have pledged:


As a human first company, we have been empowering and supporting our employees with mental health and wellbeing for some time. Our Employee Assistance Programme includes a range of exercise clubs, company sick pay and income protection. People and our network are very important to us. So much so, we have an innovation breakout that has helped launch a new sleep start–up business, Somnia. We also run non-profit, highly dynamic experiments with brands and start-ups to combat “wicked” problems. These include; exploring how digital technology can help people with mental health issues, people with cancer and chronic pain to sleep and feel better and using VR to help children recover from serious illnesses faster.   

Our pledge is to continue on this path, to raise more mental health awareness and support people more. We want employees to feel comfortable about discussing their mental health and making sure they have the right support. To achieve this, we are launching Mental Health Champions. These are volunteers that will support raising awareness and an extra confidant to those who need it. We will be hosting mental health talks to educate people and provide employee training to be better spot changing mental health and recognise when someone may need help. For people not comfortable talking about their mental health, there will be a health and wellbeing pack providing information and support the company can offer, including external support groups.

We pledge to challenge the stigma attached to Mental Health in everything we do. We pledge to make a change.

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This year’s World Mental Health Day campaign is ‘asking twice’. Why? When we’re asked how we are, the usual and expected response is “Fine, thanks”. But the truth is, we often say we’re fine when we’re not. If you’re worried about someone, asking twice can show you’re asking for real and willing to hear the response – whether that’s now or at a later date. It’s a simple but significant thing we can all do for friends, family members and colleagues alike. You can find out more about Time to Change. Time to Change is run by Mind and Rethink Mental Illness, and thousands of organisations like us are joining to help make change happen. #timetochange #asktwice

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